Mase is a storyteller based out of Seattle, Washington. Oddly Exceptional explores experience design, goal deconstruction, and intentional living.

What Happens Next?

I've been spending the last week documenting my thoughts on success through goal deconstruction and habit forming in the form of a daily video series.

In that time, people have been sending me nice notes, telling me how helpful the videos have been in getting them thinking about intentional goal-setting. 

I'm not sure I have the time to continue making daily videos. They take a long time to plan, and if I were to continue doing them, I'd want to do them right—with better sound, lighting, and editing.

However, I don't want the journey to stop. I want people to have a place where my friends and family can go to see what's possible and feel inspired.

Oddly Exceptional is an exploration of what it takes to create an exceptional life through experience design, goal deconstruction, and intentional living. It's a place for those who know what they want, but maybe... don't quite know how to get there. It's a journey—as much for me as for you—into the unfamiliar and exciting.

What happens next?

We do.

It's Still Day One