Mase is a storyteller based out of Seattle, Washington. Oddly Exceptional explores experience design, goal deconstruction, and intentional living.

Take the Right Risks

So much of my process of goal deconstruction and habit formation is about mitigating the risk of failure. Eliminate risk due to unclear success criteria. Eliminate risk due to unknown variables. Eliminate risk due to a lack of willpower. 

But there's a difference between mitigating execution risks and avoiding risk altogether. 

It's important to understand something - there is no such thing as complete risk avoidance. Risk is a natural byproduct of the unyielding march of time. As long as there is a decision to be made and a decider to make it, there are risks. Whether it's a recognized risk is simply a matter of who is at risk, the magnitude of the impact, and/or whether or not the decider is aware a decision is being made. 

When you choose to quit your job and start your own business, you take a risk; your business may fail, and you may suffer financial or career setbacks and/or ultimately have to find other work.

When you choose not to quit your job and start your own business, you potentially take another kind of risk; you may live with the regret that comes from not following your dream. 

Risk is unavoidable. Take the right risks. 

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