Mase is a storyteller based out of Seattle, Washington. Oddly Exceptional explores experience design, goal deconstruction, and intentional living.

Anything, Not Everything

"You can do anything, but you can't do everything."

When I look back at any period of my life where I've felt especially proud of an accomplishment—whether it's weight loss, or quitting smoking, or strength training, or career growth—that period has always been marked by consistent focus for an extended period of time. 

Focus and patience. Pretty simple. 

And yet, it's surprisingly easy to forget about these two simple ingredients. Distraction and urgency disguised as commitments and opportunities slowly creep into the periphery, edging their way in until they've completely pushed out the things that make one successful. 

This past week, I read three books which brought these things back into focus:

The simple act of choosing what I'm going to focus on has considerably dropped my stress levels. All other things, while perhaps still important, are currently distractions.

Instead of trying to juggle three full-time roles at work, pick one.

Instead of trying to learn a half-dozen new skills, pick one.

Instead of trying to break into three different technical focuses, pick one. 

Instead of trying to learn three different sports activities, pick one. 

Focus and patience. Pretty simple. 

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