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#fatmanliftsV2 Week 2: Fatman Returns

I wrote about my previous #fatmanX adventure on my old blog, I've decided to centralize personal content on The OE, and my new #fatmanliftsV2 updates along with them. I can't promise the results will be as dramatic as the last time around, but hopefully you'll find the journey entertaining enough. 

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things since my many-month hiatus from lifting. It’s appalling how much strength and range of motion I’ve lost. But it’s also cool how quickly some stuff comes back.

The most enlightening thing so far has little to do with exercise. Instead, it was something I had forgotten about time management.

Over the last 10 months, I’ve watched my stress levels rise and my health decline as I’ve had to spend more and more time at work.

More and more 10- and 12-hour weekdays and half-weekends, less and less time for personal development and self-care.

But nobody just *gives* you the time. You have to set it aside for yourself.

Employers may provide strong signals—and there will always be a need to occasionally commit more energy than usual—but, ultimately, employers have an incomplete picture of your life.

You have to balance your own priorities, and set expectations appropriately.

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